The Velvet Chocolatier

Thanks for your interest in my chocolate. Being The Velvet Chocolatier is very new and exciting for me. I am a CPA with a masters in taxation, and this is my second career. I owned and operated my family automobile dealership for 10 years in Baltimore: Penn Pontiac-GMC, Subaru. My father founded the business in 1970, and after his passing in 1997, I became the principal owner and operator. The business was sold in June of 2007.

With 3 grown children, Leah, Joe, and Beth, and a most supportive husband, my adventure into chocolate began. David, my husband, encouraged me to do something fun. And honestly, after the sale of the dealership, it sounded like a great idea. I enrolled in cooking school in Baltimore where I was introduced to chocolate. I would spend hours perfecting my skills, and I was lucky to have great private instruction in my home. Then I was off to the Culinary Institute in Hyde Park for an intense chocolate confection program. My chocolates became better, my ganaches smoother. All of my chocolates are made with fresh ingredients—no preservatives and no liquor to mask the natural flavors. I am a purist.

The life of my dairy truffles and enrobed chocolates is 6-8 weeks. Each box is hand marked with an expiration date. And my chocolates are . I enjoy knowing that I am able to work with the kosher community.

Having previously worked in the retail world, I decided to concentrate on the wholesale side of chocolate. So, I work mostly with party planners, caterers, and corporations. This gives me greater flexibility with time and lets me just concentrate on making chocolate.

So, please enjoy my chocolates. I enjoy creating them!


the velvet chocolatier
10403 stevenson road, suite b
stevenson, maryland 21153


monday-thursday 9:00-12:00p

friday and sunday 9:00-3:00. 

closed saturday